V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University
Language Training Department


Welcome to learning Russian and Ukrainian languages and culture in Kharkov
during the period “autumn-winter-spring” *!

Everyone is given a fine opportunity to visit Kharkov in autumn, winter and in spring for the period which is necessary for learning language!




Kharkov has always been noted for its adherence to the traditional Ukrainian culture, and that is why spending winter here in Kharkov is filled with a very special charm. The people of Kharkov cherish the customs of the past, but they also like new kinds of entertainment, preserve the spirit of the ancient ones. Winter in Kharkov is also the time of festivals, music concerts, exhibitions, galleries, museums and theaters. At the weekend you will have the opportunity to do different sports in the Kharkov Switzerland (30 minutes of driving from the center of Kharkov).

During the courses you will have the opportunity to:

  • cook and taste traditional Ukrainian dishes;
  • take part in traditional Ukrainian activities;
  • visit the most interesting places in Ukraine;
  • sing Ukrainian traditional and pop songs;
  • make a presentation about your native culture and country;
  • play Ukrainian folk and present-day games.

Main directions of the Russian/Ukrainian language course:

  • Russian/Ukrainian language (speaking, writing, grammar, etc.);
  • Russian/Ukrainian lexicology and phraseology;
  • Russian/Ukrainian literature;
  • Culture-oriented linguistics (language and culture);
  • Country-specific studies (history, geography and culture of Ukraine).

Intensive language course has a communicative focus. It combines learning languages with unique Ukrainian customs, traditions and culture. Process of learning the language includes “creative” training which is followed by visiting unforgettable historical and cultural places of Kharkov and Kharkov region (Repin Art Museum, Museum of History, Mirror Stream, Opera and Ballet Theatre, N.V. Gogol’s estate and other sights).

Our lecturers have a wide experience of teaching both for foreign students, and for native speakers at the best universities of Ukraine and abroad.

Our school “Language and Culture” is the best opportunity to examine and plunge into the modern and traditional atmosphere of Ukraine.

* On the basis of Language and Culture School a summer language course works. Participants interested to visit Kharkiv during the summer period of time can obtain more detailed information in the section “Summer Language School” or by the mail and phone provided below.

Yours faithfully, “Language and culture” School Team!

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